Thursday, 10 April 2014

☸ Sun in Aries trine Moon in Leo April 9/10th

Honoring the Guru on this 10th day of the second Tibetan month; when Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava, Tibets’ second Buddha, showed mastery of both sutra and mantra, and became known as, ‘Lion of the Shakyas ‘, brave and ‘Wise seeker of the Sublime’. _/♥\_

☆~☽☼☾~☆ The exalted Aries Sun now makes an extremely helpful, vitalizing aspect to the sensitive Moon in loyal and joyful, loving Leo, sign of the generous and powerful Lion, which is also ruled by our golden Sun. This is a very fiery combination of ‘the lights’, radiating optimum dynamic ‘yang’ energy. The vibrant celestial duo, Sun and Moon, energize, accenting a vibrant heart connection a Spiritual Warrior has to (the Guru’s) inner wisdom, the source of endless illumination. Both Lights now urge us to discover our true self, in Oneness with others, an ego-less self-love; recognizing talents and gifts that muster courage and conquer self-delusion with positive antidotes, as the desire to accomplish great Spiritual deeds is heightened, strengthening heart-mind and soul for the oncoming Luna eclipse in 5 days.

In the words of Dr Christopher Hill “Eternal Joy is the appreciation of self… as self contains all the stars”.

Celebrate and enjoy the gift of life ~> ☼ ☽ ¸¸.•*¨*•☆

With thanks to unknown photographer for 'Light Guru' _/♥\_

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