Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Solar Eclipse 9° Taurus ~> April 29th _/✿\_

KARMA MULTIPLIED day (positive or negative)
x 100,000,000 ~> _/♥\_ૐ
The cosmic ring of fire that surrounds the New Taurus Moon SOLar eclipse early Tuesday morning at 7:13am BST (2:13pmEST) is only visible in the remote regions of southern Antarctica. Though a partial eclipse will be seen in Australia, as this feminine and fecund, earthy Taurus Sun Moon Mercury & Earth align with the powerful and karmic Dragon’s tail, otherwise known as ‘Ketu’ or the ‘south node’.

Astrology associates the Dragon’s tail to past-life energy and the often difficult influences/issues/states of mind – kleshas - we bring with us from previous incarnations. Buddhism notes three main kleshas as being attachment (desire), aversion (anger), and ignorance, from whence all our problems in this life, and past and future lives emit. Thus Ketu, currently conjunct and ruled by fiery Mars, retrograde and in fall in Libra, is Karma Control: In union with the sensuous Taurus Sun and Moon, Karma Control emphasizes the need to observe the aggressive desire nature and to be mindful of impulses.

This is a solar eclipse to set a positive intention towards stabilizing the mind to rest in the inner-peace Buddha would do in Earth-Touching mudra meditation. Dynamically balancing delicate beauty within a peaceful heart-mind also takes active training and discipline. Be kind to yourself, remember the Taurean Buddha sat under a tree for years before his enlightenment. Taurus is practical and patient; and when not being indulgent or lazy is currently capable of transforming the most reticent mind into appreciating the richness of Spirit at One with nature, showing loving kindness in every thought, gesture or word - with a love that even stabilizes spiritual devotion and understanding.

Wishing you all good practice, my friends _/\_

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