Sunday, 27 July 2014

☉ ☽ ♃ ♌ Sun-ruled Leo New Moon conjunct Cosmic Guru, Jupiter

“The more you are motivated by Love, The more Fearless & Free your action will be.” ~ His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

☉ ☽ ♃ ♌ The new Sun-ruled Leo Moon is conjunct the cosmic Guru, Jupiter, at 23:40 bst, 26th/27th July. demonstrating how to shine the infinite radiant LoveLight. In Spiritual astrology, this almighty conjunction between solar system stars, Sun & Jupiter, also accents individual Spirit connection to the student-teacher relationship, i.e. who or what provides the bigger picture for the heart-mind to rest in loving truth? And what do we impart to others through our own creative achievement?

☼☽¸¸.•*¨*•☆ The Moon with the Leo Sun and Jupiter is, according to Alice A Bailey, akin to a crisis of the collective soul seeking liberation. With Jupiter inflating the Soul crisis through the illustrious Sun in fiery Leo’s burning grounds, world affairs must be dealt with a Divine and noble wisdom that teaches each and every being is a sacred shining star. In the ‘Kingdom of Souls’, Jupiter is our hallowed teacher, the Lama initiating the path of discipleship for the World Server; while the Sun illuminates our natural Spirit, strength and courage to remain happy, confident and optimistic.

Jupiter also provides drama’s overview; and now in playful loving Leo (for a whole year!) this New Moon is the start of a direct focus upon one’s self, with steadfast strength to self-consciousness, recognising individual accomplishment in the interconnection of self with nature and the divine, finally free from ego’s restraint; though one should now note that self-cherishing is not the same as loving oneself! The former fears and compares, while generous LOVE allows, forgives, and shines like the stars that we are.
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