Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Medicine Buddha & a Six-pointed Star ~> June 2013

☼ ~✶~☽ An extraordinary pattern dominated this lunation's Medicine Buddha Moon, a six-pointed star involving two interlocking triangles: one is the summer’s Grand Trine in Water, the other a fleeting Grand Earth Trine, made all the more stable with a first quarter Moon in Virgo. This formidable feminine formation implies we are already intuitively aware of the healing needed within the body, as well as with our environment; the restorative Virgo Moon is also opposite shamanic healer, Chiron, quickly overcoming inhibited emotion, enabling the expression of needs and feelings in a practical manner.

A most valuable healing factor is to note how the current Gemini Sun/Jupiter conjunction highlights bamboozle hoop-la and hysteria, as well as an influx of important information. Knowing one’s connection to joy and beauty is vital in being able to maintain the healthy psyche that stops one from falling for any superficial hype, and encourages access to our natural wisdom, sensitivity, and intuition.

~> The cosmic wheel turns, and Solstice full SuperMoon (Sunday 23rd @14:32BST) emphasizes the cosmic fire that flows from the heart of the Solstice Sun, as well as the mighty strength of the Grand Water Trine. The mind’s concern is with altruistic emotion and the Divine natural law. It is also when the highest tides of the year will be experienced. This is one of the year’s major turning points and, while temperaments can change and fluctuate, the potential for crystallising ideas into form is strong.

Image of 'Inner Centre' by Bernhart Amygdhala Digital Art, with thanks _/♥\_

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