Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Saka Dawa Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ 15th June'11

Tomorrow's Full Moon full moon eclipse is a big day for Tibetan Buddhists, marking SAKA DAWA, the day we celebrate the birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of Sakyamuni Gothama Buddha. ♥_/|\_ ૐ

This eclipse, with the Moon at 24 Sagittarius, aligns with the centre of the Galaxy, opening the portal for the mind-stream in truth to imbibe ...and embody the sacred cosmic love-light. Lunar eclipse is in effect from sunset in Europe, rising to perfect culmination at 21:14 (bst) with a central heart connection between planet Earth and Moon. For the meditator this is an optimum opportunity for impartial observation of all sensation (internal-external, yin-yang, sun-moon) harmonising earthly heart-mind with our illiminating awakened spirit.

Karma multiplied (x 10million during eclipse) ♥ = Breathe, be the LIGHT ~> kind to self & others ~> In presence living the LOVE ♥_/|\_ ૐ x

And as the radiant Sun in intellectual sign Gemini opposite Moon in forward thinking Sagittarius am reminded of the Buddha's words "All is mind. What we think we become" ♥ ...
more thoughts to come later... xxx :)

With love & thanks for amazing illustration 'Above the Below' by wonderful Mr Bill Brouard ♥

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Mirza Ghalib said...

The total lunar eclipse begins at 11:53 pm (IST) on June 15, Wednesday. It reaches its maximum at 01:43 am (IST) on June 16 and ends at 03:33 am (IST) early morning on June 16, Thursday. The eclipse is visible throughout India as per the Lahiri's Indian Ephemeris 2011 edition.

The Moon enters penumbra at 10: 53 pm (IST) on June 15 and leaves penumbra at 04:32 am (IST) on June 16. Total duration of the eclipse would be 03 hrs 40 minutes. Magnitude - 1.705. All of the above data are sourced from Lahiri's Indian Ephemeris 2011 edition.