Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sky Dancing Dakini Day! ~> June 2nd/3rd 2013

An airy Gemini Sun makes a harmonious aspect to the emotive Moon, in autonomous Aries. Together they generate a burning passion for the spiritual warrior to communicate and act upon thoughts seemingly carried by the wind.

Curious Gemini stimulates the enquiring mind to cruise the information highway and to transmit news, ideas, and knowledge. Moon in dynamic Aries quickly assimilates such information, so that how we feel about important issues can be swiftly assessed, synthesised and acted upon before next weekend’s Gemini New Moon, June 8th.

Interestingly, both spirit Sun and the fiery, living-in-the-moment Aries Moon are now in a good strong aspect to liberating Uranus, where ‘The Light’s’ highest vibration is for all beings to be treated as equal. Thus the Gemini sky-like mind spirals towards the end of this lunation with a feminine guiding hand that senses the need for personal independence and freedom, be that a freedom to think or worship, or from war, suffering or hunger. And thus has a cause to support.

Even with a helpful aspect, emotions can be powerful. So while Uranus dictates primitive emotion such as anger and selfishness are unhealthy and obstructive – i.e. always thinking of I, me and mine, it may be the seed for causing potential harm to others, as well as be bad for the heart; the caution here is to avoid thoughtless whim and sudden martial exploits on impulse. Uranus is the Hierarchical ruler of Aries: self-centred attitude can certainly be directed to developing personal strength, but using this might of individual volition for an altruistic cause and the benefits of others is the action of mindful warrior of the heart, not a domineering dictator.

Happily, this Summer’s delightful Grand Water Trine is now shaping up to direct the mind-stream to be in one’s flow: to be caring, perceptive and compassionate. This deeply sensitive Grand Trine sets the tone for the coming months, getting extra encouragement at the new Moon, as well as at another powerful Solstice Full SuperMoon (the 2nd Full SuperMoon in a row of three!).

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