Wednesday, 1 February 2017

✴️️ πŸ•―️ ✴️️ Feb 1st – 3rd Imbolc ️~ Brigit’s Day ~ Candlemas ~ Saraswati Panchami _/\_ Groundhog day… _/\_ ✴️️ πŸ•―️ ✴️️

πŸ•―️ Both West and East now celebrate the light and hope that emanates from the Goddess of purity, hearth and heart, of wisdom and craft, music and poetry. Taking time to kindle the inner-flame of the Sacred Goddess will allow her warmth to gently radiate within and around you.  

πŸ•―️ As the female Fire Bird year flies on the wing to the seasonal Fixed Air cross-quarter, mid-way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox (exact 3rd Feb), she remind us to hold steady and strong, united in love and humanity, before the seasons change again from winter to spring in the north, summer to autumn in the south.

πŸ•―️ A First Quarter Moon on the 3rd-4th is an exalted Medicine Moon in earthy Taurus. Because ‘The Lights’, Sun & Moon, are exactly at the 15°mid-point, there is the potential to stabilise – even when performing critical actions. Indeed action is called for: sudden or measured, a step in the right direction, even in the midst of chaos can avoid flapping wings of desire, to find pleasure in living a simple and good life, connected to helpful kindred spirits.

Image is Goddess Saraswati painter unknown <3
with love ~> Om Sara Si Dhi Hrem Hrem.... _/\_
πŸ•―️ ✴️️  πŸ•―️ ✴️️ πŸ•―️  ✴️️ πŸ•―️ ✴️️  πŸ•―️
πŸ•―️ ✴️️  πŸ•―️ ✴️️ πŸ•―️  ✴️️ πŸ•―️ ✴️️  πŸ•―️

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