Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cosmic Teacher's ~> Guru Rinpoche day ~> 18th June & Sun conjunct Jupiter _/\_

☼ ✶ ☾ Five days before the years’ largest Full SuperMoon, and two days before the year’s solar turning point at Summer Solstice, Spirit Sun conjoins the Cosmic Guru, Jupiter (exact at 17:10BST June 19th), making for Tibetan Buddhists an especially doubly poignant Guru Rinpoche day. For today we also celebrate the miraculous lotus-born birth of Tibet’s 8th century second Buddha: Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, the great master who was born on this 10th day of the waxing lunation in a Monkey month (June).

Guru Rinpoche emphasises the importance of dwelling in the open-minded attitude of enlightenment, remaining optimistic and devoted to faith when faced with obstacles. Similarly, in astrology, Jupiter is the enthusiastic planet of philosophy, travel and truth, and the archetype we look to in the horoscope to explore new horizons, understand others, and spiritually grow into our natural wisdom.

Both Guru Rinpoche and Jupiter are teachers that encourage us to expand our world view and consciousness, confident in knowing that all elements - including space, are interconnected. With Guru Rinpoche’s teachings we too, can also grow our personal rainbow aura, with an awareness which radiates from the heart-mind.

As Sun and Jupiter meet at 28 degrees of Airy and intellectual Gemini, they also conjunct the fixed Royal star, Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse indicates success and honours; through clear communication we can now connect with honest and devotion and call upon the Guru’s transcendent perfection to help overcome mental obscuration and delusion and, depending upon which stage we are at in our continual unfolding, embrace relative and ultimate truth, so that we, too, can become masters of pure mindfulness, and be of greater benefit to others in these changing times.

Guru Rinpoche mantra to overcome obstacles ~>
__/\__ Tashi Delek & Happy Guru Rinpoche day!

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