Saturday, 6 June 2009

Saka Dawa 'Fully Enlightened Moon' 2009

In the run up to this potent Full Sagittarian Moon, on Sunday the 7th, a crisis of faith may well be the issue at hand. Should you find your mind twirling with nagging moments of doubt, this is good. Bewilderment can lead to wonderment. As this Full Moon is in hard aspect to Saturn, the planet of Golden Wisdom, the danger of being held back by dogma or threatened by a bunch of beliefs that do not ring true (for you personally) is an opportunity to, at the very least, see the same old thing, person, situation, from a different viewpoint. Faith is required to have a basis in reality, to give life joyful optimism; the need is to ask questions and test conviction by one’s own experience, and not accept blindly.

This Full Moon, called ‘Saka Dawa’, is considered to be one of the most holy in the Tibetan Calendar. It has a triple signification, representing Buddha Shakyamuni’s birth, enlightenment and Parinirvana. It is also one of the few days in the year when all karma – virtuous or non-virtuous – is magnified a hundred thousand times. Karma, the law of cause and effect, has a habit of expanding at the best of times; so when you find yourself doing something good, think of the karmic merit you’re creating (and dedicate it towards positivity.) On the other hand, if you encounter anger, jealousy, greed etc, try to quickly catch it, and then give praise for being compassionate towards yourself (and others!). Such discipline is a most positive way of honouring Saturn.

This Gemini Sun and Sagittarian Moon also creates a testing ‘T’ square to the Lord of Karma, Saturn in the healing sign of Virgo (note the word ‘healing’ has roots in the word ‘holy’ to be ‘whole’). The cosmic challenge is to take our responsibility for remedial activity more seriously, i.e. for the planet, for each other, and for ourselves. Authoritative Saturn, in helpful do-it-yourself Virgo, is also at the apex of another demanding configuration called ‘Thor’s hammer’ or ‘God’s Fist’. The heavenly pointers banging on the pressure for purity, transparency and responsibility are the North Node in Aquarius - symbolic of a collective destiny, with and Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, together in Venus’ home sign, Taurus, representing all we love and cherish. This celestial formation also suggests an endless source of love and affection to sustain and support us upon our personal and collective journey; yet we may have to overcome personal greed for the greater altruistic intention to manifest as one heart beating the one love, so all beings can be happy.

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