Monday, 20 May 2013

MERIT MULITPLIED x100 Guru Rinpoche Day in Saga Dawa month ~> 20th May

Spirit Sun is at the very last degree of Taurus, making this best ‘trine’ aspect to sensitive Moon in discerning Virgo, also at the last, 29th degree. Bear with me, this might be a little technical in as much the last degree of any sign in astrology is called ‘anaretic’, meaning we have already imbibed the qualities of the sign we are about to leave and, at the same time, sense and/or express the qualities of the coming sign – or in this case, signs, as Sun moves into curious Gemini & Moon into equanimous Libra. The élan between ‘The Lights’ therefore fluctuates between one of valued and solid practical service, to that of a wavering mind, one that seeks and has the potential to find balance.

This emphasis upon mind continues throughout the zodiacal month as Gemini is a smart Air sign, making one more aware that breath is mind’s vehicle to Spirit, as Sun now joins Mercury (at home in Gemini), Venus and Jupiter: our illusions can be blown away in the wind.

The 3rd of 7 Uranus Pluto squares is also in operation on the 20th. Broadly speaking this indicates dramatic collective transformation, a celestial challenge that began in earnest a year ago and won’t finish until March 2015. Hopefully, by then each individual awakes to make changes in body, speech and mind, to sustain health and happiness for all.

2015 might seem some time away but one thing is sure: we are NOW super-solar-charged from last week’s four X-flares, so the upcoming Saga Dawa Full SuperMoon lunar eclipse (yes, you read that right!) is cosmically bound to higher emotion and deeper vibration, when finding the middle way may be as simple as remembering the refuge we take in our faith and (inner) Guru.

Image "Buddha Field & the Metatrone Cube' by Visual Alchemy, with thanks _/♥\_
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