Thursday, 23 May 2013

SAGA DAWA _/♥\_ Vesak _/♥\_ Buddha Purnima May 24th/25th 2013

Honouring the day of Buddha’s (birth) enlightenment & Paranirvana _/♥\_

KARMA MULITPLIED X 10 million, because one of the most important days in the Buddhist calendar, Saka Dawa (Saka = Sakyamuni Buddha & Dawa = Moon in Tibetan), is also a lunar eclipse, at 5:25 Gmt (00:25EST) early Saturday morning.  With Earth only faintly shadowing the sensitive Moon at 4° Sagittarius, opposite the 4°Gemini Sun, this third eclipse in a row nonetheless presents another turning point that can deepen empathy and compassion, as well as our connection to the subtleties of the heart-mind and body, to the seen and unseen. Psychic energy abounds during this eclipse, creating positive development as well as challenges to ego and emotion to comprehend the eternal energies of cosmic consciousness. Thus the interplay between Sun, Moon and Earth - cosmos, self, and the Divine, becomes a delicate dance skillfully synchronising interior and exterior towards enlightenment.

To add to the responsiveness of this Full Moon in the sign of the archer, it is also the only Supermoon eclipse of the year, when tidal pull is strong. Seeing how we are 70%+ water, we too are now subject to poignant swings. However sensitive or emotional one might feel now or over the coming days, this eclipse encourages one to be adventurous. The greatest journey, however, is inside the mind, to broaden both thinking and vision and determine illusion from delusion. The Sagittarius-Gemini axis stimulates mental processes, integrating recent realisation (over the past 6 months) – intellectual or spiritual – into daily life and become more self-accepting, tolerant of others, and aware also of how powerful speech, thought, and media can be. Truth-seeking Sagittarius is the sign of the sage who comprehends the dualistic Gemini mode of communication: ideas aired now impact strongly upon others, spiritual or otherwise, which makes it all the more important that we have the right view with the right understanding because, in the words of the Buddha "All is mind. What we think we become"
Whilst bathing under Full Moonbeams we also have a rare week-long conjunction of three planets: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, all in the sign of the twins, which can be seen just after sunset in the northwest of the sky.  Generally speaking, these planets working together generally portend an optimistic outcome; and even if a little over the top, one can be philosophical.  Mercury & Venus are also currently ‘out-of-bounds’ meaning that they have strayed over the celestial belt, making the planets of communication and love slightly renegade! 

It’s also worth noting how Solar-flare resonance has been extremely high since the start of this lunation, with no less than 4 X-flares in a matter of days at the time of the first quarter. Any lethargy or confusion, stress or tension, could easily be personalised by Earth’s receptivity to Sun’s current action during this eclipse season. Bear in mind that we are at the height of an 11-year cycle of solar activity, ‘Solar Max’ as it is known in the astro trade. There may well be more X-flareS to come, but the constant flow of M-class flares we are no experiencing are ejecting high-energy protons and plasma guided towards earth along magnetic lines.  It’s almost as if the Light of Intelligence, Sun, charged-up to connect with the Divine self during this eclipse season to help us realise that individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness are actually indivisibly one.

Interestingly, though this eclipse will almost be impossible to detect, it’s importance lies in the fact that it is the beginning of a new series of Saros Cycles, called Saros 150, which will last 1262.11 years.  Saros Cycles are eclipse families joined by similar sacred geometry every 18 years 11 days, taking hundreds of years to complete. These are lengthy karmic cycles, opening heavenly gates for spiritual energies to move in and out. To my mind this eclipse marks a valid collective turning point, as it will bring energy in from North to South, joining heaven to earth.  

Basically this weekend its time to draw back that Saggitarian bow and direct the arrow of intention to go forth & make Karmic Merit! :)

With many thanks to unknown artists for Radiant & eternal Buddha and the constellation Gemini

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