Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Solar Eclipse 19° Taurus ~> May 9th/10th _/✿\_

KARMA MULITPLIED dayS x 100,000,000 ~> _/♥\_ૐ

In the northern hemisphere, Gaia now stirs the senses, spring flowers burst forth as nature performs spontaneous acts of love with new forms and shapes growing quickly day by day; colour, sounds and smells vividly stimulate a curious heart essence to blossom and bloom. In the southern hemisphere a new kind of freshness brings a different vision, beckoning one inward towards an intimate kind of warmth.

And so it is at each monthly conjunction of Sun and Moon, another lunation begins and a sense of the new begins to stir. With Sun and Moon now in fertile Taurus forming a Solar Eclipse on Friday morning at 1:27am BST (8:27pmEST 9thMay), a cosmic kind of consciousness has the potential to ride the celestial waves that flow between Sun-Moon and Earth to nourish body and soul, as well as dramatically innovate and stimulate the mindstream into blissful pristine awareness. Eclipses present a rare moment suspended in time, where the bounty of eternal beauty comes from aligning the dynamic Sun with our reflective Moon and Mother Earth.

It is at this point when the earthy Taurean equanimity of a determined male Sun and bountiful female Moon conjoin (energetically at third eye). In meditation we can create a sacred internal space that opens a powerful portal for magical human realization; worldly concerns can melt away and pale into insignificance. If you are in the Pacific, on a cloudless day you will see the Moon in front of the Sun, surrounded by a golden glow emanating the Sun’s light of intelligence. Wherever we are we can still tune-into and feel this very special phenomenon, when actions, thoughts and words take on a great karmic significance.

This Taurean lunation is the second of three eclipses. The previous was lunar, revealing the importance of letting-go of all that no longer serves, at the same time accepting personal responsibility for personal happiness. The next full moon will be another Lunar Eclipse, on May 25th. It will also be SakaDawa, celebrating Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and Paranirvana. And now we have a Solar eclipse, accenting the light of Spirit being supported either side between these two yin Full Moons. These are potent weeks: While we have the cosmic tools to be mindful of the present, past-life and future life visions can deja-vu.

Yet still we might find the suffering we see around us touches that tender place within. Then we know the transformation of the heart is a personal journey, one that witnesses pain and still remain grounded and centred – engaged in goodness, but not overwhelmed by sadness. With six celestial markers in Taurus, the good life invites us to live more simply: give thanks, eat well, sleep well and practice well_/

Sun & Moon are also conjunct explosive Mars, informative Mercury, AND Pallas Athena, warrior woman strategist, bringing active plans into focus. But seeing as combative Mars is also stirring up action best cover all bases, and at least look at the pros and cons of plan B.


Thanks to unknown artist for eclipse fractal _/♥\_ૐ

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