Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dakini Day ~> May Day weekend :) _/✿\_ ♥ 2013

Spirit Sun in lush and fertile earthy Taurus, is now bonding with the Moon in watery and sensitive Pisces. This is the last major aspect between 'The Lights' before next week’s New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th/10th. Earth and Water are Yin in nature, emphasising calm stability and active healing devotion (to the Goddess within). Connect to Mother Earth now and soothe all the senses _/✿\_ This weekend is also an astrological ‘Fixed Cross’ point in the year, a time of connecting to the heart of the Sun, wherever you are, north or south, blessing all that you wish to grow, be it food or love, health or sacred intimacy.

By transforming selfishness into selflessness, and tuning into the life of the soul with the will of consciousness, one can give birth to, and manifest Divinity.


Have a great May Day weekend everyone! ♥

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