Monday, 13 May 2013

Sparky Sky ~> X-flareS & Mars conjunct South Node - May13

There is good astral reason for feeling slightly apprehensive, not least because warrior Mars conjuncts the South Node over the next few days, which often means dealing with niggles or nags, or even bully boys and their explosive fragile egos. So watch out for hot and heightened emotion and get ready to placate others, as well as self, with skilful means: patience, wisdom and compassion. Tormenters can also be internal, such as personal anger or a previously buried resentment, greed or jealousy; applying the sweet healing balm of love and rejoicing in other peoples’ happiness are antidotes to such negative emotion, which would only create obscuration during this holy month of Saga Dawa. _/♥\_

Sparks are also flying in the sky: Sun had a Solar X1.7-flare at 2:16amUT (13th May 13) - and another BIGGER X2.8 at 16:05UT, both hurling into space copious amount of electromagnetic energy that covers the entire spectrum, from radio waves to gamma! Though not Earth directed, we can now expect the predictable solar powered auroras, usually a day or so after eruption (but can be much less). These flares are the largest of the year so far and also have all the markers I talked about at the Astrological Association conference last year (so I've been keeping a close eye on solar activity): notably Sun with its’ henchman Mars in connection to Saturn/Nodes, to create a realistic and karmic impact; AND Moon in connection to Pluto (by a wide opposition, but seems to be pertinent in solar flares when applying in aspect) so the effects are subtle but powerful, deep and meaningful, both psychologically and spiritually.

There’s more interesting celestial activity building towards the Saga Dawa Full SuperMoon on the 25th May, which started with the new Moon: The 17th is Medicine Buddha; and the 3rd (of 7) Uranus-Pluto square is on the 20th May, accenting transformational collective change.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are also favourable to raise prayer flags and send out blessings across land and sea! Have a good week, everyone! 


Thanks to unknown photographer for Nepali prayer flags

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