Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Grand Fire Trine ~ April 2015

△ The beautifully inspiring 'Grand Fire Trine' between the exalted Aries Sun with Uranus/Mercury, forming a triangle between fellow signs with Jupiter in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius, generates a dynamic kind of magnetism this week which can raise the heat in certain situations, as well as burn away the dross. One of the planets involved in this fabulously creative Fire Trine, Jupiter, the cosmic magnifier is also going direct on Wednesday, after four and a half months retrograde motion, giving a greater perspective on matters of the heart, devotion, and spiritual treasures.
△ When a planet ‘stations’ upon certain degrees (to go either direct (as in Jupiter’s current case) or retrograde) it heightens the importance of the issue denoted by that degree, deepening the meaning of any associated experience. At 12 degrees Leo, beneficent Jupiter suggests it is now time to be strong, shine, and grow the love by opening one’s heart to the creative spirit.
△ It’s also worth bearing in mind how the degrees 12-15 Leo are amongst this year’s celestial hot spots, because both planetary benefics, Jupiter AND Venus (when she retrogrades in the late Summer), constellate these degrees for the heart-mind to re-balance yang motivation, solar channels and the solar plexus, for spiritual practice to operate within distinctly warmer and more confident and loving conditions. _/♥\_¸¸.•*¨*•☆
Thanks to Watkins for the image and rebalancing page http://www.watkinspublishing.com/rebalance-solar-plexus-chakra/

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