Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sun conjunct Galactic Centre _/☼\_ December 2012

18th December ~> Happy Saturnalia! _/☼\_ 

Approaching 21:12:2012's shortest day (in the Northern hemisphere) and that all-important Winter Solstice ;) we honour the Karmic Time Lord, SATURN ~> Cosmic Grand Master of the Solstice ceremonies! Saturn in perceptive Scorpio provides insight and strength to free psychological slavery (i.e letting go of negative mindsets and outworn habits), and become the
personal master of one's own destiny.

From the collective viewpoint, Spirit Sun is at 26 degree’s Sagittarius; this means the brilliant Sun exactly aligns with the heart of our galaxy, the Galactic Centre, today! NOW (and continuing throughout Solstice) is an optimum time to set the intention to radiate the COSMIC LIGHT OF INTELLIGENCE & come from the HEART-MIND ♥ _/|\_ ♥

Responsible and disciplined Saturn also reminds us that 'practice makes perfect'.

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