Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12:12:12 ~> Heart-Mind Love-Wisdom & Compassion

This numerically charged date is actually the darkest time of the year (in the northern hemisphere), with a visionary and truth seeking new Sagittarian moon on the 13th and Solstice on the 21st.

12 is the number of the Sun _/☼\_

12:12:12 implies a triple layered Spirit of the Sun. Like the three circles of a mandala, the outer is the Zodiacal year, the inner the Lunar month, & the Secret motivates wisdom & compassion, i.e. personality (self) in relation to environment and spirit, having the will to seed during the year’s dark moon the everyday reality of love-wisdom and compassion. _/♥\_

Appreciating this rare numerology, it’s worth considering how this date adds up to something else for less well-known or ancient calendars. We can even add the whole date, 12: 12: 2012 = 11 (!) = 2 ~> number of the Goddess.
Or 12:12:12:12:12 = 6 ~> space master creator
Or 12:12:12 = 9 ~> warm humanitarian

What makes the number and day special for us however is the powerful HEART-MIND LOVE-WISDOM consciousness that we invest into the moment; being helpful and kind in any encounter, with an open heart, empowers, shifts, and raises one’s own internal vibration, as well as having a positive effect upon the world around. The same goes for 21:12:12, which has become a phenomenon in its own right. How the Mayans might smile now as this evolutionary alignment of heart and mind reaches a maximum awareness.

So at the moment of 12.12 pm on12.12.12, wherever we are in the world, let’s all meditate together and focus upon the qualities our Spiritual Sun, heart of solar life force, and the ‘Conscious Light of Intelligence’.

Thx to Visual Alchemy for Sagittarian Purple Buddha _/☼\_

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