Friday, 28 December 2012

Grand Water Trine ~ Goddess of Compassion _/♥\_ Dec 2012

26:12:12 ~> Not yet full Boxing Night but beaming bright, La Luna multi-tasking in Gemini, and coming on strong with Earth Mother Ceres and Sacred Vesta. The GoddesseS are now opposite loving Venus & healing Mercury in hopeful Sagittarius, thus caring for loved ones, near & far, in body, speech and mind (in every which way shape and form); and the strong & full Moon growing in light, is to be exact on Friday 28th at 7Cancer (cardinal signs to the fore) @10:20GMT.

Luna forms AMAZING aspects as she culminates in creative Cancer; forming a Yin powered 'Grand Water Trine' to enhance fluidty in dreams as well as at home, work, or in relationship. Opposite Spirit Sun with transformational Pluto, the Sun and Moon also form the axis of an unusual Kite formation, as well as a tight 'T' square to altruistic Uranus: with this configuration one must never underestimate the moral, physical and/or spiritual strength of the individual that rises to the challenge of being of spiritual service .

Image is of KwanYin, Goddess of Compassion _/♥\_

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