Thursday, 20 December 2012

2012 Winter Solstice Meditation

Cosmic tip for 2012 Solstice Meditation (@11:12GMT) _/☼\_

☆• During Solstice (either at Winter or Summer) our light-radiating Sun is at standstill. Sol = Sun, stice= Stitium, which comes from Latin, for stoppage. And as the Sun 'stops' it rises and sets in the same place for three days and creates a 3-day restful 'gap'. This pause is like 'the gap' in meditation which happens between the 'out' breath and the 'in' breath, and is the very pause where we rest in our true nature, clear and free, that determines meditation. Sometimes resting in this gap makes it seem like we have reached Nirvana. When mind realises it is in that meditative gap, however, it begins to conceptualise. Then, of course, we headlong straight back into the everyday world we Buddhists call 'Samsara'! Such is the nature of mind! :) •☆

So, while enLIGHTenment can seem fleeting, the most important thing we can do for ourselves, and by extention for every one else including planet Earth, is to practice mindful breathing and radiate unconditional love, warmth and compassion - Not just NOW, at this very special solstice - empowered by our intention to evolve, as well as the new era of the 6th Sun of the Mayan calendar - but every day. And remember that breath is mind's vehicle to Spirit.

After these 3 days, the New Light King is reborn for Christmas!

FYI: The words 'breath' 'inspiration' & 'Spirit' have the same etymological root: inspirare _/|\_

Shine on darling hearts! ♥ _/☼\_ ♥

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