Saturday, 1 December 2012

Finger of g0d ~> Jupiter opposition Sun December 2012

Cosmic Guru, Jupiter, though retrograde, is at the apex for the 'finger of g0d' formation that takes us into the New Year. Truth seeking Jupiter is visionary and optimistic; now in Gemini, Jupiter highlights informed communication that broadens the heart-mind; opposite the Sagittarian Spirit Sun on Monday 3rd December, Jupiter encourages the philosophical outlook when having to adjust certain situations.

The now waning Full Moon, which conjunct the planet of expansion and Sagittarius ruler, appears to have tuned-us all into far-sighted Jupiter's magnificence as it rode the heavens with la Luna during the partial Lunar Eclipse.

Check the astronomy of this hopeful and confident Sun-Jupiter alignment here. 
For those who are cosmcially connected living on the South Coast, I am presenting a talk next week at the Brighton Astrology group on Thursday 6th December, on ASTROLOGY & YOGA.

Also good to note that
we're still under the influence of the 'Mercury Max' - until December 4th: a phase of intense research and discoveries can also be applied to close relations.

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