Friday, 21 December 2012

Winter Solstice 2012 ~> ♥ _/☼\_ ♥

Medicine Buddha Moon Winter Solstice!
Let the Healing Love-Light shine ♥ _/☼\_ ♥

This extraordinary Solstice is empowered by tuning into our alignment to the cosmos, with Earth crossing the Galactic Equator; this is actually a long transit that began in the mid 80’s and completes around 2016. This is a vast time span, so we actually have a few more years of the Winter Solstice + Galactic Centre + Galactic Equator + Sun (+ Pluto) to work with, to energise and transform. What makes today’s meditation all the more special is how our intention to heal and evolve, as well as the end of an era in the Mayan Calendar, marks this poignant moment as we encourage our love-wisdom to grow, our heart-mind resonance to strengthen, and our radiant clear light within to become more brilliant.

The Solstice Sun is also in a broad square to a courageous Aries Moon, which is conjunct friendly Uranus. The will of the individual is strong and determined to make the world a better place. With focus and confidence, this S8n-Moon-Uranus combination can stimulate the third eye to become all-seeing: Now is the time to focus upon the vision of an altruistic future where all beings are happy.

There is also the Yod ‘Y’ formation in the sky, otherwise known as a ‘Finger of Fate’, which will last until the New Year, funnelling the energies of responsible, transformational love into expansive Jupiter, who is at the apex of the ‘Y’. Jupiter is the Cosmic Santa Claus, adding hope, optimism and a lot more Yo-ho-ho to the season’s festivities! Enjoy! I am tuning in from Southern France and hold you all in my heart, with LOVE ♥ _/☼\_ ♥

Meditation Capricorn Ingress 11:12 UT & 12:12 Central European Time.
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Of course, this wonderful meditation opening to the Solstice Spirit of renewal can be meditated upon throughout the holidays ~> and beyond! ♥

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