Wednesday, 25 December 2013

TARA MOON Xmas & ~> Medicine Buddha pujaS ~ Christmas 13

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The last square lunation of 2013 certainly holds a planetary formation that has the potential to generate profound healing when the deeply sensitive last quarter Moon, in balancing Libra, conjuncts dynamic Mars; this combination challenges but encourages peaceful, friendly and loving relations. Looking after those we consider family, as a Mother would her child, requires diplomacy and infinite patience. As Mars opposes awakening Uranus in energetic Aries, surprises are best seen as opportunities to maintain an equanimous mind – especially within the sphere of personal and professional relationshipS.

This Christmas Day connects to a most powerful celestial pattern, one that has been a signature of the past years: ‘The Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’. At the Midheaven-MidEarth axis lies the Sun/Pluto conjunction, initiating through drama and crisis; opposite Jupiter in Cancer, the challenge is to open one’s mind and consider long-term views bearing in mind security and stability (within the spiritual practice, specifically regarding the responsibility of looking after others’ emotional wellbeing, (as part of a Global Family, who all have valid differences). On the horizontal sunrise-sunset axis of This Grand Cardinal Cross is a wild Uranus in Aries, holding the key to this Grand Cross, unlocking an awakening in amazing ways. Altruistic Uranus is exactly opposite the Libra Mars over this Tara Moon Xmas day, suggesting the overcoming obstacles entails a balance of opposites, such as variability and steadiness, prejudice and judgement, materialism and spiritualism. Whilst remaining fully in the present, available to playful spontaneity, this Xmas holds clues as to situations/energies that not only take us into 2014 with a New Year SuperMoon, but as even far ahead as May 2014.

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In any encounter, we have a choice: we can strengthen our resentment or our understanding and empathy. We can widen the gap between ourselves and others or lessen it. ~Pema Chödron

During this holyday of the return of the New Light King, we can lessen that gap with the help and wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and develop compassion for all beings, no matter their status, beliefs or religion. ENJOY!

Tara Mantra ~> "Om Tara TuTara Ture Soha" x108_/\_
Happy Holidays everyone! _/\_

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