Thursday, 12 December 2013

Guru Rinpoche Day ~> 12th December ~> ☼ △☽ + ♃ △ ♄

Today's ‘Guru Rinpoche’ day is for feasting and celebrating the spiritual teacher (within). The Spirit of the Sacred Guru is embodied in the far-sighted, truth-seeking, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarian Sun on Jupiter’s day (Thursday); and with the Sun in this position, making a strong aspect to the Moon on this 10th day of the lunar cycle, it symbolises a triple dose of optimism, philosophical wisdom and strength – and therefore a great time to honour the intuitive Guru of the fire element, light offerings, prayer and puja.

Hold onto inner fortitude and know that the spiritual freedom found by grasping the meaning of the teachings - loving kindness, compassion, and mindfulness – are corner stones of stability, especially when the winds of change begin to flow towards the light at the centre of the Galaxy, at the same time as the Full Gemini Moon, in 5 days.

The Cosmic Guru, Jupiter, is also in the promised good aspect to karmic Saturn today (as per previous post): enhancing a positive relationship with spiritual friends and guides. Jupiter and Saturn also provide emotional insight into the deeper recesses of psyche, teaching there is nothing to fear, only situations/events/feelings which are to be understood.

Guru Rinpoche Mantra to overcome obstacles : ~>

With Love & thanks to Bernart Amygdala for his Cosmic Vajra _/♥\_

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