Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sun & Moon in Sagittarius 2nd/3rd Dec ☼ ☄☽♐ 2013

The New Moon in the sign of the Archer sets sights firmly upon success. The target or honours being sought may be of the material world, or spiritual acumen and/or the revelation of truth and freedom. No matter how big or small our ambitions, this adventurous, forward-looking Sagittarius New Moon at 00:22UT (19:22EST) provides strength to keep spirits high and hold course with any insight we may have when envisioning the future, as though the sky is the limit. But bear in mind that when fiery SoL and Luna are at this particular 10 degrees Sagittarius it also heighten the risk factor when aiming high, so it’s good to keep morals intact and issues/ambitions/relations in perspective, as 'The Lights’ now conjunct a Royal Star, Antares. Be aware that while this star blazes brightly, there’s a shadowy martial side when hurried enthusiasm or reckless ruthlessness has the potential to lose all in what ostensibly may still only be a game of chance.

Being inspired at the start of this lunation means it easier to seek out alternatives, and make the most of opportunities with dramatic, non-conformist changes in the first half of the cycle, with a waxing Moon, which takes us up to the 17th December Full Moon in Gemini - a magical Moon that opens a heavenly portal straight to the centre of the Galaxy. After which, Love Goddess Venus retreats and encourages a fondness of tradition (and whatever we are working on) by going retrograde at Solstice, making it a cosy Yule with a surprising Xmas twist that could grip us all the way to New Year’s Eve, when a SuperMoon kickstarts 2014.

Of course, from the Buddhist point of view there is no time like the present. Past and future are only concepts, so all we really have is the power of now, as the light-radiating gateway to spiritual awakening. And so it is in the afterglow of ISON's cosmic dust that the brilliant and wise Sagittarius Sun invites us to now shine-on and discover that single-point-in-times' liberating experience. _/♥\_ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶

With LOVE & thanks to unknown artist for fiery image of Chenrezig, Lord of compassion_/♥\_

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