Friday, 20 December 2013

Pre-Solstice Muse ~> Dec19th 2013

Did you feel a release, or at the very least a tug towards liberation in your heart during and after that full-power center-of-the-galaxy full m00n? So that with a freer Anahata heart-chakra the direction of the heart is clearer ~> ~> towards LOVE.

With dynamic Mars now in Libra for 8 months, peace, love & unity rules in all affairs - as does dialogue and mediation. ☮ Even LOVE Goddess Venus goes retrograde at this Saturday's winter SOLstice, 21st December, when an initiation into self-love begins, and consciousness elevates. In this we have a choice, however, as both Libra and Venus are signs of relationship balance, harmony and decision making. All the while the Solstice Leo Moon will highlight individual power preparing to emerge triumphant, to shine like the Solstice Sun with a return of the New Light King.

Meanwhile, Cancer Moon doubles the emphasis upon home-sweet-home; and a Moon conjunct the cosmic Guru, Jupiter opposite Venus, warns to not go overboard (comfort eating, for example) whilst at the same time appreciating the love, spiritual friends, and good times we already share. ॐ_/♥\_

~H.H. the 17th Karmapa~
" Our own positive qualities can be a rich source of joy for us. Even if we have just one altruistic thought, this is a cause to be deeply happy. We have ample resources for happiness in the bounty of our own mind......."

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