Friday, 20 December 2013

☆•*¨*•.¸¸❤☾ Solstice ☼ Blessings ☽❤¸¸.•*¨*•☆ Dec 21st 2013

The ‘Light of Life’, Spirit Sun, is passing through a heavenly karmic gate that entails a cosmic initiation into ‘group’ consciousness, by entering Capricorn at 15:12GMT, December 21st, marking Winter Solstice in the north, Summer Solstice in the south. When the Sun reaches this turning point in its cycle – as it does twice a year – Great Spirit provides an incentive for us all to peacefully relax in a momentary 3-day 'gap', just like 'the gap' in meditation which happens in-between the ‘out breath’, and before the inhalation of prana with the ‘in breath’, as Sol = 'Sun', and Stittum = 'stoppage' or standing still.

These next three days are a therefore a celestial pause to honour the LoveLight (within), presenting the perfect opportunity to rest in the sacred lotus of the heart-mind and stop, assess, and release past (life) conditioning and (karmic) habits, letting go of pain and negativity, in order to liberate, heal and transform all that no longer serves our Divine purpose. On Christmas day the ‘New Light King is reBorn’ and the Sun starts to change direction once again, inhaling solar energy and bringing Golden Light into the collective consciousness. Take note: when you consciously breathe in positivity and exhale dark thoughts and feelings, you’ll be surprised at how much stronger and confident you will feel, instinctively lighthearted, able to radiate the LoveLight. _/\_

Remember that Goddess of Love, Venus, also begins her retrograde dance in Capricorn making this SOLstice a poingant time for relationships. For this is when the initiation into the light of consciousness becomes personal, learning to love ‘self’ at the same time becoming a world server.

A sensitive Moon now in Sun-ruled Leo also suggests we can now play and have fun, even when elevating consciousness. _/♥\_

So enjoy! ~> Happy Solstice! & Thanks for sharing. Thanks also to unknown artist for beautiful image of Shantideva, 8th century Himalayan Saint, on a Golden Lotus. Shantideva wrote 'The Bodhisattva's Way of Life'; and one of his prayers is also our modern day Bodhisattva, H.H. Dalai Lama's, favourites:

"For as long as space endures, and for as long as living beings remain, until then may I too abide to dispel the misery of the world" - Shantideva's prayer _/♥\_

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