Sunday, 9 August 2015

Dakini Day 8:8:8 ~> 9/8/8 ;)

8:8:8 - 9/8/'8' ~> This lunations' magical Dakini Day coincides with a numerological star gate: 8 is a number representing ‘Infinity’, associated with boundless courage, strength and stamina – qualities also associated the fixed fire sign Leo, as well as the Sacred Feminine.
ॐ_/\_ With Spirit Sun in fiery Leo, now joined by active Mars, and this summer’s beautiful Venus and Jupiter conjunction also accenting the power of love, the potential to stir the fire within is heightened. In Tantra, the element of fire is linked to a wisdom that helps one to realize loving kindness and compassion, as well as fully understand the meaning of emptiness and bliss.
ॐ_/\_ On Sunday Sol also makes a harmonious sextile to the waning Moon in airy Gemini, connecting to the Goddess (within), to fan the flames of fire in the belly, stir passion, motivation, and the drive to ignite (and maintain) a powerful internal enthusiasm which provides personal self-control and power.
ॐ_/\_ Bathe in Sun's rays for a few minutes and quickly energise inner-heat; or, if that is not possible, imagine the Love-Light and warmth of the Sun radiating into every cell of your being. Yogis and Yogini use several breathing meditations that assist kindling inner fire: by focusing upon the Hara, ((aka the DanTien), three fingers below your navel), one can touch base with a powerful source of creative energy. _/\_ Please only use these techniques if you have been taught them by qualified teachers. smile emoticon If you’re new to meditation, best focus upon long, calm and deep breaths and allow the rise and fall of the stomach to energize a natural feeling of greater potency. Most important is to allow time to perfect any asana, posture, or technique (which can take years wink emoticon ) heart emoticon With this Moon in Gemini, the intuitive Goddess helps to now overcome dualistic thinking about success and/or failure, rather the most important aspect of her wisdom is to be at one where we are and encourage playful creativity with a happy heart – in the present, at same time synthesising resent events and preparing for a glorious Leo New Moon on the 14th August. _/\_
Beautiful image of a powerful Goddess by Ti Campbell-Allen, with ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ & thanks

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