Sunday, 23 August 2015

Healing with Feminine Earth Medicine ~> 23rd August 2015 ~> VIRGO

☼ ♍ Live-giving Spirit Sun appropriately changes signs this SUNday, leaving behind (some of the) Leo karma drama to empower practical, earthy Virgo. A Virgo’s mission is one of perfection, which includes maintaining optimum health and a clear heart-mind with a regular routine that supports and nourishes inner-strength and immunity
At the same time Sun galvanizes the healing powers of the Virgo wise woman, it also conjoins generous Jupiter to impart optimism and faith in the vital feminine wisdom within us all (men also have a sensitive, intuitive side). Wisdom is found in patience, and joy in goodness.
As long as we don’t go overboard with crazy health fads or strive for impossibly high goals with exaggerated egos, which can happen when Jupiter is present, success is practically assured. Virgo’s strong discerning influence helps to focus and concentrate upon helping (and healing) oneself to be the best we can, in order to serve and help others realize their potential too. So make the most of this fruitful month and, more importantly, enjoy today’s Jovial influence and have a wonderful time with friends and loved ones.
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Beautiful Goddess is entitled 'PrajnaParamita' by hanciong at deviant art (& Looks like Kwan Yin) with ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ and thanks

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