Friday, 26 November 2010

Spirit of the Zen Centaur ~ Sun in Sagittarius 2010

The Zen archer uses breathing techniques to help control the mind and shed layers of ego, in order to focus and become one with the target, so that when he releases the arrow he thereby discovers himself. Though, “When shooting, if one hits the target, one can miss the self. At other times we will miss the target, but hit the self”. And it’s this quote from Onuma Sensei, a Japanese Kyudo (Archery) master, which stimulates that most essential ingredient in any factor when setting sights on any goal: Spirit. Because a strong Spirit enables one to remain optimistic even if aiming around corners, or when riding a rough patch. Luckily, the Sun is now in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer, urging us to stay hopeful and confident, especially when we set intention and feel a sense of purpose.  

As a fire sign, Sagittarius illuminates Spirit through inspiriation. With a beam of directed and focus light, pointing the way ahead, the archer aims at the heart of the matter, with an arrow directed at the centre of the enlightened self. Without being lumbered by ego-baggage, Sagittarius experiences life both intuitively and wisely.  

Able to understand that thought is power, Sagittarian encouragement allows the mind to aspire, so a bigger picture can to come into focus. And while many planets indicate the Life of Spirit is at point of manifesting awareness through being able to synthesis manifold issues, its important to endeavour to maintain enthusiasm while the process progresses to reach some kind of solution mid-to late January. Before that we have a set of eclipses to navigate: The first is at Winter Solstice with a Full Moon. Albeit a partial lunar eclipse, at 29 degrees Sagittarius and Gemini it conjuncts the galactice centre, and is perhaps even THE alignment to which the Mayan's were refering to re 2012. 

In Buddhism, however, enthusiasm is considered to be one of the six perfections; being pleased when we perform good actions, think good thoughts and aspire to good intentions, particularly for the benefit of others, spurs us on to persevere (even during mid-to late December when the planets enter a challenging phase) . In astrology, however, the Sagittarius ruler is generous Jupiter, the planet of enthusiasm.  And we can ride along with a Centaurs’ gusto as Jupiter begins to go forward, after months of backtracking, and now plays a starring role, as our development of Spirit becomes paramount.  So should the mind fall into fear and pessimism at any time during these next few weeks, the stars also say we also have the potential to eliminate any gloomy negativity with insight and truths that could well lead to a serious breakthrough at the New Moon on December the 5th, which culminates in the partial lunar eclipse.

One last word (for the moment ;)) is how Sagittarius is also the sign of long distance travel, as well as the sign of the broader vision.  Those planning to travel this holiday season are advised to take extra care in more ways than just checking time-tables, as Mercury goes retrograde mid-December until the end of the year (more on this later). Be warned and be on guard: 14th December looks particularly tricky, when changes are made to even the best laid plans. 

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