Saturday, 9 February 2013

Losar 2140 ~~~:> Year of the Black Water Snake

9th Feb ’13 ~~~:> Waving ‘goodbye’ to the wonderful Water Dragon (not to be seen again for another 60 years), whose authentic presence reminded us of the power of our own innate goodness, before the Year of the female Black Water Snake comes in tomorrow, 10th Feb, with the New Moon at 21Aquarius at 7:20amGMT (2:20amEST). This Snake year bestows the ability to renew through transforming and healing deeply wounded (collective) emotions with intuitive and insightful feminine wisdom.

To add hope, faith and strength, in the Tibetan system of a sixty-year cycle this year of the Black Water Snake is called 'Namgyal', meaning 'Totally Victorious'. At this new moon we also celebrate and commence Buddha's 15 days of miracles (siddhis), culminating on the 25th February with the full Moon, when karma is multiplied x 100,00,00.

From the planet’s point of view, throughout 2013 the influential Uranus Pluto square urges us to maintain our sights upon the light and keep our altruistic intention, for all beings to be happy, in sharp focus. Even if/when ploughing through darker moments in the midst of transformation, be our problems physical, psychological, or spiritual, we can still be like the sacred lotus in the lily pond: stable in our depth, yet not adhering to the muddy waters associated with afflicted emotions, therefore able to be in our experiential flow to stretch-up through the dense materialistic dross, to rise up and reach the light, and bathe in the beauty of the heavenly scented blossom of enlightenment_/♥\_

Happy 'Losar' Tibetan New Year 2140 on Feb 11th _/♥\_

And to Hindu friends, especially at this time of the Khumb Mela festival, wishing many blessings for Shivratri _/♥\_

Thx to unknown, for image of Buddha in Lotus pond _/♥\_

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