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Full Moon in Virgo ~> The Great Prayer Festival & DAY OF MIRACLES

25th February 20013 ~> *•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´

Full Moon 7Virgo @20:26gmt (15:26EST)

The Great Prayer Festival & DAY OF MIRACLES

This is a karma multiplied day (positive or negative) x 100 million.

Known in Tibetan Buddhism as ‘Chotrul Duchen’, this Monday we make light and butter-lamp offerings during the first Full Moon of the year of the Black Water Snake, to commemorate the final day of miraculous display by the Buddha, which has lasted 15 days since the new moon.

From the astrological point of view, the incredibly rare and deeply felt Pisces stellium includes Spirit Sun, boundless Neptune, shamanic Chiron, Dynamic Mars and Mercury, the heaven’s courier, all in the sign of the fishes; the celestial message is one of continued spiritual healing and profound sensitivity in the quest for perfection in body, speech and mind. At the Full Moon, all the planets are opposite the Virgo Moon, with Spirit Sun and wounded healer, Chiron, exactly spotlighting the Virgoan wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

We all have an intuitive and wise side to us, only some are more linear (left brain) masculine types and are, for whatever reason, fearful of the feminine’s perceptive depth and sensitivity, with its cyclic understanding and desire to be of service. At the same time as being giving and unconditional, the receptive feminine encourages us to enter the previously unknown through dance, meditation, prayer, play, yoga, tai chi, paint, and to take photographic works of art. We all have a right side of the brain that encompasses the instinctive ability to be more holistic and, when we do use it we become kinder and more compassionate towards others (often as a consequence of seeing the suffering and stress inflicted upon the world (dukka)). Now, looking around at the damage being done to the feminine the world over, it is obvious to see. More than ever we need to correct this imbalance and bring the world and ourselves into harmony. In order to do so, we must stop inflicting harm towards our sensitive side, be it to Mother Earth, woman herself, her children, or even ourselves.

As consciousness aligns with the sub-conscious, male and female become equal, we realise our truth and well-balanced potential, able to manifest and work with the heart-mind’s wisdom and compassion, so that all sentient beings are free from suffering.

Be aware this full moon could be an emotional affair. Do be kind to self and others; get grounded by tuning into the softer and feminine side of self and can create miracles, that can even heal physically, mentally and spiritually on a phenomenal scale _/♥\_

Image of lotus light offerings by Olivier Adam~ with thanks_/♥\_

If you would like to know how the time of miracles manifests in your horoscope please contact me, with love & blessings, Laura _/♥\_

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