Thursday, 24 February 2011

Healing Field of Consciousness ☼ Pisces Sun*Mercury*Chiron*Mars*Neptune conjunction

In true watery Piscean fashion, we’re flowing through a series of potentially challenging alignments in Samsara’s choppy sea. Several planets currently working together, Sun ~ Mercury ~ Mars ~ Chiron ~ Neptune in cosmic Pisces/Aquarius conjunction, potentially bringing untold healing and awareness of the heart-mind through unseen means, such as unshaken faith in the face of uncertainty.  At the same time, great swathes of emotional undercurrents pulsate through ‘the field’ of consciousness, emitting a deep vibration that is wonderful for meditation and spiritual Lightwork; but personal psychic boundaries could be very porous, allowing access for the feelings of others to purvade, influence and sway in a non-spoken kind of way (and it is particularly easy to be lost in distraction when keeping apace with the constantly breaking news). When the radiant Solar Light of the life-giving Sun is in Pisces, however, unconditional LOVE is the only solace, as one can absorb the almost unbearable isolation of suffering and pain, which love, and love alone can heal.  

You might think keeping an open heart is a tall order, especially in light of what is happening now across the globe, as Jupiter speeds through Aries to soon oppose Saturn (March 28); all kinds of regimes are in transition. But in the theory of Piscean ‘Oneness’, the heavens only reflect our own capacity, and with so many planets in Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn, we apparently do have the means and potential to raise the vibration from heart up to anja and the crown chakra, and meet the Hierarchy of souls that lift the rapidly drowning faithful from pounding waters, and place them safely upon the metaphoric mountain, from where they are able to watch the tide recess. In esoteric astrology, Pisces elevates consiousness. Now the Shambhalla Warrior overcomes the hold the material world has on the soul and, instead, Spirit Sun and soul blend together to shine ‘The Light of The World’, which forever ends the darkness of matter.

Finding forgiveness in Chiron, the wounded healer, and illuminating Mercury – healing brother cum-trickster, who both join Spirit Sun, we encounter the mysterious realms of magical unicorns, wounded shamans, victims and martyrs. Mars in this position endangers the sacred – particularly as Grand Duke, Jupiter, swashbuckles through Aries, the sign that rules Mars. Yet it is through the ‘Right Action’ of Mars in Pisces, which enables one to activate the third eye, anja through mindful meditation.

From the Tibetan point of view we are coming to the end of the end of the year.  On March 4/5th, the Tibetan New Year, Losar, we discover how there’s nearly always an element of chaos and complexity amidst any kind of radical transformation, as the old year passes and the new begins. The key to navigating change at this moment in time is to develop inner-strength and the faith to show unconditional compassion in private, as well as public - to self and to others.  It takes the commitment of a Spiritual Warrior of the highest order to honour the heart and be continually kind to others, especially to the confused or duped, angry or hysterical – because strong but formless Pisces emotions can permiate the atmosphere, to creep in and destabilise our own psyche by polluting the mind, swaying the ego, and from somewhere in the back of our materialistic head tempting offers to the iron grip ego to dominate and take control. Bare in mind that holding onto an idea, thing, or person, through playful love, kindness and beauty is the road to bliss; when we hold too tight to that obsession or addiction, there’s a high probability of squeezing out the last breath of the very thing one desires. So do be extra careful when tempted to play power games – with or without self, especially this Friday, the 25th, when there is a call for transformation through action and to raise Bodhicitta.

With spring on its way breathing new life into heart and soul, inner-strength gathers momentum and dramatically new planetary energies quickly abound: Munificent Jupiter has sped into Aries, to fast-track and set the tone for growth and expansion with new ideas and new paradigms at the helm. Activist Uranus joins adventurous Aries on March 11, stirring up the need for personal volition in the midst of sudden evolution. This can be a particularly explosive combination. Aries is a hot and fiery sign, and Jupiter magnifies everything, including danger and drama - I will look more closely at this ingress of Uranus later, as it instigates the beginning of seven squares to Pluto in Capricorn, and, as we know, seven is an important number for any initiation (Note: Pluto esoterically rules Pisces.).  

Turning up the immediate heat, risk-taking Jupiter is currently in a tense square aspect to secretive Pluto to be exact on Friday the 25th: it may be a struggle trying to keep certain matters hidden, which might affect one’s position. In order to get the most out of this particular window of potential insight and perspective, however, it might be helpful to look back to December 2007. Please check this date, and see if there were issues of freedom and oppression back then. If so, while new experiences beckon, it is also worth advocating self-control en route to process, progress and growth, so that we don’t rush headlong into any kind of chasm. For now is the time to embrace the dark-side and find the radiant light of love from within, to dissolves the demons' power; for that very love is the only salvation.  

If all this sounds nothing short of the parting of the Red Sea… Hey, it’s been done before - So raise your hand, tune into the healing field, and hold back the waves! An bring on the light.... 

Om Shanti 

Blessings and thanks as always to Bill Brouard, for 'thinking at the shore' and other unknown artists :) _/\_♥ ૐ

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