Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dakini Day! Sun in Aquarius ~ Moon in Sagittarius _/✿\_ 5th Feb’13 ~>

‘The Lights ‘ (Sun & Moon) now share a dynamic and hopeful yang quality during this last Dakini Day of the Dragon Year, due to the broad-minded Sagittarian Moon harmonising with the altruistic and visionary Aquarian Sun, the Goddess generates optimism, clarity and enthusiasm.
Yet no one ‘aspect’ between a pair of planets dictates the sole quality of any moment. And without deflating the confidence these two energetic and motivated signs working together can bring, there are always other factors to take into account which can influence the day, such as the current Mercury Mars, Neptune and Chiron, conjunction in the early degrees of in Pisces. This latter combination of planets makes it easier to connect to the deeply emotional undercurrents that pulsate through ‘the field’ of the collective (un)consciousness, galvanizing the spiritual warrior to be compassionate and forgiving; Pisces encourages one to tap into the heart of the Divine, with a deep vibration that is wonderful for meditation and spiritual practice, yoga, dance and poetry.

So while Spirit Sun is still in the sign of the water-bearer, and has yet to meet up with the new Aquarian Moon (Feb 10th), it is in a watery Piscean fashion that we now find ourselves flowing. With a series of potentially incredible alignments now forming in Samsara’s cosmic sea, a stellium of six planets culminates at the next full moon, 26th Feb, in the sign of the Fishes, potentially bringing untold healing and awareness through unseen means, such as the power of prayer and an unshakable faith in the face of uncertainty, confusion or sacrifice. Bear in mind that personal psychic boundaries could become very porous, allowing access for the feelings of others to pervade, influence and sway in a non-spoken manner. Mercury, planet of the mind, information and communication, will also be going retrograde in Pisces; when going with flow means tuning into the universal heart-mind and raising Bodhicitta, i.e. the wish for all beings to achieve full enlightenment ♥☼:☽❤¸¸.•*¨*•☆☆

Image ~> Thx to Visual Alchemy for Honouring the Goddess _/♥\_

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