Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sun in Aquarius ~ ☉♒□☽♏ ~ Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio

3rd Feb’13 ~ Tara Moon

During the last quarter moon – the time astrology calls ‘a crisis of conscience’ (because our principles are called into focus), we begin to clear and prepare for the oncoming New Moon. Obstacles encountered today can be overcome by being cooperative and concentrated, utilising the clarity of the altruistic Aquarian Sun, in combination with the insightful (and often secretive) Scorpio Moon.

Because of the ability to remain emotionally detached - yet profoundly engaged - this arrangement of Sun and Moon often gives the Spiritual Warrior shamanic healing abilities. The challenge now is to use this perceptive awareness wisely, so that all beings are happy.

This is why we, in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, now call upon Tara, the Great Mother Liberator, the Goddess who wants all beings to be free from suffering. The ensuing everlasting happiness Tara bestows, through the development of compassion and wisdom, we experience spiritual liberation, free from being bound to ego’s desires and aversions. From the more material point of view, honouring the Goddess can even release one from the freedom of want, hunger and fear, as well as discover the freedom of speech and worship; to experience all this is to be truly liberated.

_/✿\_Om Tara Tutara Ture Soha _/✿\_

If you would like to know how this time of 'engaged perception' constellates within you, I am giving a special 'Losar' rate for the Tibetan New Year of Black Snake, Feb 11th, please contact me for details _/♥\_

Many thx to unknown artist for this beautiful Green Tara _/♥\_

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