Monday, 15 June 2009

The Wings of Mercury

The winged messenger Mercury returns to my personal point of contracts. Guess what turned up? Yes, the contract for the already done tarot job (as I predicted to da boss). So I'm happy Mercury Direct now re-enters its home sign, communicative Gemini. Any exchange of ideas should speed up considerably. The Mercurial courier also carries a healing wand, the Caduceus, as he travels swiftly through the sign of the twins; the next three weeks are optimum to boost the immune system with helpful remedies, healthy lifestyle, and a certain amount of mind training that retains poise and strength. Chakra meditation can balance mind, body and Spirit. While ‘insight meditation’ is for seasoned practitioners to observe the neuroplasticity of the cosmic psycho-spiritual-anatomical alignment. Knowing we are what we think and eat, means watching what is digested and allowed to influence; this also means noting whom to cultivate as (cyber) friends and neighbours. Note to self: Should the mind swirl with negative thoughts, take deep controlled breathes to energise with more oxygen, and make an effort to quickly change tack and generate sound motivation.

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