Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Winter Solstice 2011 _(♥)_ New Capricorn Moon Xmas Eve

Whichever spiritual holiday you celebrate, Christmas, Solstice, Saturnalia, Osiris, Mithras, Hannuka or Kwanga (or all for good measure! :)) this darkest part of year (in northern hemisphere) is often deeply emotional, when resting and taking a good look back provides insight and rejuvination. With 2012 just around the corner, promising to be a dramatic year, light-workers and dharma practitioners alike will want to be in the best possible form, mindful and aware, in order to generate the heart-mind's precious bodhicitta and ride the waves of love, beaming radiant light. 

Ready yourself now to leave the past behind and release painful or psychic baggage into the void, so that we never have to deal with whatever bugs us  again (at most not for another seven lifetimes!). For the Capricorn stars watching over this WINTER SOLSTICE, at 5:30 on the morning of the 22nd December, present the perfect opportunity to stop and assess, in order to liberate, heal, and transform all that no longer serves our Divine purpose. The return of Sunlight (in the northern hemisphere) signals the ‘New Light King’ is reborn, providing Spirit with a strong ‘Seed of Consciousness’, that is nourished and nurtured by realising certain ultimate truths. 

Winter Solstice (still aligned with Galagtic Centre AND Pluto for one more year!) is swiftly followed by a new Capricorn Moon on Xmas Eve (2 degrees of disciplined Capricorn at 18:06 on the 24th December) when, due to the baring of expansive Jupiter - at station to go forward in tropical 0degrees Taurus - spiritual/material growth is put into perspective, as well as the emergence of practical and personal value developing into something much more solid and obvious towards the Spring Equinox. Until then, am thanking our lucky stars that Jupiter, celestial Santa Clause, is beginning to pull out of his endlessly long opposition to Saturn in late Libra (tipping the balance of finances, housing, govts for the past couple of years); A recovery of some sort may well be a welcome relief as we cross the symbolic threshold into 2012 and enter THE year of a zillion fantastic predictions. These predictions mostly centre upon next year's winter solstice. At which one wonders what will we be doing this time next year? Watching ufos from Mayan pyramids? ;) Tuning into ascended Atlantians? ;) Or just plain turning off the fear-factor? :)) I predict one thing is certain: Winter Solstice 2012 is going to be the largest Global meditation the world has ever seen - or felt. 

So this, and the coming Summer Solstice on June 21st are a kind of run-through to excercise our ability to tune into 'the field', the noosphere, to restore human faith, love and compassion. Before a Solstice (the same is for summer solstice (in southern hemisphere)) meditation, prayers, ceremony or practice, be aware that when the Sun is at the Solstice standstill (Sol = Sun, stice = still) the connection between Spirit Sun and Mother Earth  creates a momentary 3-day 'gap', just like 'the gap' in meditation which happens in-between the ‘out breath’, and before the ‘in breath’. This is the cosmic pause in which we rest, and the very pause from which we stop past conditioning and karmic habits to release painful negativity, before inhaling once again life-giving goodness that comes from air’s life-sustaining prana. Take note to consciously breathe in positivity and exhale anything unhelpful - You’ll be surprised at how much stronger and positive you will feel, instinctively able to shine throughout 2012_(♥)_ Dharma practioners will no doubt even flip the cosmic coin and practice tonglen. ;)

Many thanks to unknown artists for beautiful healing light and blue lotus magical white spin_(♥)_

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Thanks Laura, useful advice and info. Midwinter Blessings x * x