Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shining Mind-Mirror ~> Lunar Eclipse Dec '11

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." ~ Buddha ~

Having seeded new ideas and set the intention with a New Moon Solar eclipse two weeks ago, it is now, with a reflective Lunar eclipse, that we see how the mind mirror works - and how our world really is a reflection of all that we think. As this lunation culminates we can recognise just how bright the mind-mirror becomes when we let our light shine.

~~> ☼ ☽☆☾ The Dragon's Head fires-up the Sun in far-sighted Sagittarius ♐, at 18degrees, and aligns with the Dragon's Tail and the malleable Gemini Moon ♊. While we won't be able to see a blood red moon in Great Britain @14:36 gmt, the world over still feels the effects and co-create in meditation the SACRED COSMIC UNION of Yin and Yang, accenting elementals Fire and Air so inspiritation and intellect become active and alive with wisdom and creativity.

The Moon in Gemini is ruled by the currently retro Mercury, also in philosophical Sagittarius, asking us to RETHINK. The Lights, Sun & Moon conjunct the nodes; and apply a tight square to Mars in Virgo (which is also ruled by Mercury); Mars is therefore at the 'South Bend'. The South Bend is a critcal point of (personal and collective) karmic release, often through overcoming obstacles.

This eclipse presents a very Mercurial theme: abstract and intellectual, as well as curious and cunning. Though letting-go of negative forces that hinder or harm demands awarness of what is constuctive; in the Buddhist tradition, training the mind to focus upon a helpful attitude facilitates healing & happiness, with the ability to transform negative forces into a means of enlightenment _(♥)_

Yet Mercury, the planet of short distance travel, is now in the sign of the long-haul, and retograde through the eclipse until the 13th December, when it stations to go direct at 2 Sag: You know he drill: DOUBLE CHECK all travel plans, docs, etc, and make sure you have all the numbers you might need on the charged phone.

A closer inspection of the lunar eclipse chart shows the
active and assertive Mars purifying in detail with the  hard square  (as it was also at the New Moon; so the challenge to create dynamic healing remains a theme for this rest of the lunation - until the New Moon at Xmas Eve); still Mars is tempered by a separating trine to organised power chick, Venus in Capricorn. Martian aggression, although roused, therefore remains tamed by strongly ambitious feminine energy, keeping impluses in check. Venus, in turn, finds her place in the eclipse slightly challenging. Currently on the charm offensive in ambititious and meaningful relationships Venus recently was in mutual reception to expansive Jupiter in materialistic Taurus; now she is in mutual reception to authoritative Saturn in partnership-orientated Libra. This means Venus is key in both, harmonising the bigger (financial) vision, as well as implementing a heart into balance. That’s the cosmic theory anyway. Interestingly, Venus is now opposite Angela Merkel’s Sun…

Artwork by Bill Brouard Visual Alchemy entitled "I see who skips with rainbows". Thx Bill _(♥)_

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