Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mercury Direct Dec'11 & The Caduceus: A cosmic clue to 2012

Caduceus carrying symbol of healing & communication, Mercury, is going forward tonight, 13th December '11, in far-sighted Sagittarius, the sign of religion, philosophy, and big sweeping concepts such as the God partical: Over the next couple of weeks we get to apply any re-found wisdom that helps to understand the bigger picture (at Cern), as well as putting into perspective much-needed (global & individual) remedial action.  When Mercury once again crosses ‘The Great Attractor’ towards the end of the year, the power of the mind to heal physically, mentally and spiritually, becomes a cosmic key for 2012. New ideas to restore a natural balance could  come thick and fast.

Mercury’s current change in direction is accompanied by a tightly connected fire triangle, with the regal Leo Moon in trine to radical Uranus (who has also just gone forward) in autonomous Aries.  This formation can generate optimism and warmth, even if feeling low energy (particularly in the aftermath of a strong eclipse as we have yet to reach the Winter Solstice point on the 21st December, when light returns (to the Northern hemisphere) to restore higher energy levels. The challenge during this poingnant Mercury station is to intuit the gracious goodness of our inherent Buddha nature, as Mercury also squares shamanic Chiron (& spiritual Neptune).

When Jupiter turns direct, on Christmas day, all planets will be going forward into a new year; the prospect of renewing our value system could well birth new faith. This emphasis upon visionary Sagittarius and its ruler, Jupiter, as well as informative Gemini, and its ruler, Mercury, is the major theme of 2012.  Jupiter even moves into Gemini in June. And with dynamic Mars in Mercury-ruling Virgo for eight months, one might even say 2012 is Mercury’s year.  2012 is therefore a year to work with Mercury's magic wand, the caduceus, on an external, internal, and secret way, in order to heal mind, body AND spirit. 

Many thanks for artwork, to beloved Alex Grey for Caduceus Man and unknown artists of caducues rainbow woman _(♥)_

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