Friday, 2 December 2011

Visionary Sagittarius Sun MercuryRx & Rahu ~> on The Great Attractor ~> Dec11

"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions."
~Albert Einstein~

The heavens are currently urging us to open our minds, broaden our vision, and consider a far-bigger picture than we possibly ever imagined. Over the next few days, as the Sun continues to pass through far-sighted Sagittarius, it also crosses a part of the sky called ‘The Great Attractor’, a mysterious gravitational point in the heavens. No one is really sure as to why so many galaxies are drawn towards the ‘Great Attractor’, some 250 million light years away. Yet our potential (for enlightenment) while our own Milky Way is drawn towards this cluster of galaxies is phenomenal. And this is why we have to now think BIG and embrace the power to create in the mind’s eye the dream we’ve always dreamt of.

Because this is how the ‘law of attraction’ works: The future is what we make it, co-creating with the universe, concentrating and focusing upon what we really want to achieve. Today’s encouragement comes with a little word of warning, however, while the retrograde Mercury also joins the Sun at this magical point; and that is not to lose oneself in dogma and detail, but to use this time to aim high and imagine our aspirations well and truly embodied. Any endeavour is now given an extra cosmic boost as both Sun and Mercury, together with the very special guest appearance of the 'Great Attractor', are also now conjunct the destiny-fulfilling North Node, otherwise known as Rahu, or the Dragon’s Head with the lunar eclipse on the 10th December. Celestial sights are now set on nothing short of (collective) galactic awakening; so in the words of Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were walls.” ~♥~

Image created by the amazing Visual Alchemist, called "Event Horizon within the Buddha Field" _(♥)_ thx Bill :))

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