Saturday, 17 December 2011

Mutual Reception ~> Venus Capricorn square Saturn Libra _(♥)_ Dec'11

Whenever the love goddess Venus is in responsible Capricorn (as she is now), relationships are prone to the no-nonsense 5-year-plan kind of commitment, knowing that time is relative, but practice makes perfect. Beautiful Venus in earthy Capricorn can bolster a sense of accomplishment and achievement; and as she squares up to Saturn at 27 Libra - to be exact on Sunday 18th Dec, we get the chance to exercise a double dose of the Venus-Saturn discipline: stabilising the 'heart-mind’. Traditionally, this is a challenge as Saturn & Capricorn present boundaries and obstacles, sometimes even revealing when certain relations have run their course. But because the two planets, Venus and Saturn are in 'mutual reception', (i.e. their rulers are connected, because karmic Saturn rules Capricorn, and Venus is at home in partnership-orientated Libra) this square can also symbolise a pragmatic long-lasting love by getting over the fear, being very realistic about consequence, and, most importantly, the practice of breathing into the heart centre, in order to be balanced during Saturnalia’s Solstice party weekend of peace and harmony. _(♥)_

Image and invocation from of Goddess White Tara, Venus to Tibetans, who helps overcome all obstacles  _(♥)_

Invocation of Tara ~> _(♥)_

Praise to Tara
The Great Mother and provider of all
Energy supreme
In the boundless universe
Star flashing in the heavens
Eyes of lightening
Tear of the compassionate cosmos
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
Face like a million moons
Full and bright
Filled with peace and love
Goddess of mercy
We call upon you
In this our  hour of need
Goddess of all that is right and true
Scattering blue lotus petals
Laughing with joy and love
Most giving one
Oh perfect crystal mother
Help us to heal others
Help us to heal ourselves
All the gods worship you
Great Mother of the universe
Songs fill your sky
Demons and evil spirits
Are driven away by your joy
Purify the land
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
You are the great destroyer
Of fear, of failure
Of oppression & disease
Lift the burden of helplessness
Empower us to see potential
Radiant and joyful Goddess
Dancing across the face
Of this troubled planet
Healing as your lotus feet
Tread the lands about us
Oh great protector
You who call upon all the powers
All the gods
All the people of the many worlds
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
You burn as holy fire
Goddess Tara
Purify us in thy flaming embrace
Joy replaces fear
As our doubts disappear
Blissful Goddess
Virtuous, honest and peaceful
As I become you
The ills of the worlds
Run off me as water drops
Greatest Goddess
Upon whom all the gods and peoples rely
Earthspirit mother
Cover and protest me
Your form my armor
Fill me and soothe me
Fill me with calm and a will to act
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
Come Great Mother of all life!
Here is Tara the red, to the South!
Here is Tara the yellow , to the North!
Here is Tara the black, to the West!
Here is Tara the green, to the East!
And here within me
Is Maha Tara, primal Tara, ultimate Tara
Shining as a star in my heart!
Om tare tuttare ture soha!   Tara!
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
Om tare tuttare ture soha!

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