Friday, 11 November 2011

☆•*❤*•.¸¸ Neptune ¸.•*❤*•☆ in Aquarius -> flowing into Pisces

On the 9-10th November Neptune goes forward in Aquarius. 

Oceanic Neptune governs deep flowing undercurrents, collective feelings and personal emotion. Ruling Pisces, Neptune tunes into the unseen, accenting psychic awareness, mysticism, and spirituality.

Wanting others to be fee from suffering, Neptune symbolises unconditional compassion and the power of prayer. Such a combination has the ability to generate pure and innermost 'Bodhicitta': and open the heart. 'Bodhi' means enlightened - Citta means 'heart-mind'. 

"...Bodhicitta is the intoxicant that numbs us against pain and fills us with bliss.
Bodhicitta is the alchemy that transforms every action into benefit for others.
Bodhicitta is the cloud that carries the rain of positive energy to nourish growing things.
Bodhicitta is not doctrine. It is a state of mind... "
Lama Thubten Yeshe

Buddhist prayer for setting the intention:

"Precious Sublime Bodhicitta
May it arise in those in whom it has not arisen,
May it never fail where it has arisen
May it go on increasing, further and further!"

In Aquarius Neptune blurs technolgical boundaries and raises the potential for altruism. Neptune will move into home sign Pisces, in Feb 2012, where it will stay for 14 years ~ so that we can learn how to trust our intution and enable unconditional cosmic love to flow  ¸.•*❤*•☆

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