Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New SuperMoon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius ~ November'11

“Truth is immediate, radiant, here and now. It is not that truth has to be discovered — only you have to become aware. Truth is already here.” Osho

A new SuperMoon on Thursday night/ Friday morning (6:08GMT on the 25th November) is a solar eclipse at 2 degrees in fiery Sagittarius, sign of the archer centaur who's arrow is directed towards higher principles: truth and freedom. A simple truth is how freedom is all too easily lost when we allow aggression and attachment to rule. In a world strewn with ignorance and desire it is the agent of falsity, the grasping ego, which we need to tame in order to reveal that radiant truth. Yet this incredible egoless wonder can only ever be experienced individually. No one can make us fully aware of our innate luminous wisdom but ourselves. Thankfully, astrologically speaking, there are times when a more obvious portal unlocks the alive kind of awareness that can potentially open the heart-mind, such as during an eclipse.  

Before I go into detail of this eclipse, it’s always important to note how eclipses are mighty powerful, not to be taken lightly in any way; especially now, as this is a SuperMoon (when the moon is perigee (in close approach to the earth)) and all kinds of dramatic turning points can arise. As such, I advise people to psychically, emotionally (and even physically) protect, so that when the cosmic portal opens wide one remains safely centred in breath, heart and mind. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition we set the intention for the benefit of all beings, and connect to the Guru (inner and outer) through meditation to focus while the channels, chakras and winds course through the body (hopefully unhindered), thus urging the tantric vajrayana practioner towards enlightenment (through the path of transformation).   

According to eastern philosophy, the union of Sun and Moon creates a sacred dynamic to enhance our most powerful subtle body energy; as Earth’s most important two heavenly bodies combine in concentration, they also influence our ability to focus and connect with our innate compassion and wisdom. Mindful of this potent force which lies within and around each and every living thing, the balance of male and female, sun and moon, yin and yang is at once receptive and dynamic, magnetic and electrical, commanding a personal and sometimes psychic awareness that dissolves duality.  How attentive we are of this naturally subtle but powerful (Vajra Body) energy and its blissful state of ONEness depends upon how open our heart-mind can be to unconditional love. And this is probably one of the great truths: love is our natural peaceful state. Absolutely free from plurality, one experiences an open heart-mind, conscious of the peace within to imbibe strength, courage and optimism.  

And this is where the hopeful and confident sign of the Sagittarian archer comes in: locate the early degrees of Sagittarius in the personal chart (or chart of nations if you're into mundane astrology), note where wisdom and insight can be aimed and directed through active joyful perception; this is also the place where karmic merit can be currently accumulated - and dedicated - especially in the two weeks following, as the new moon grows into a full Lunar Gemini eclipse on the 10th December. 

Although partial, this Sagittarian solar eclipse will be seen in Antarctica - Earth’s southernmost pole, suggesting a passage of heavenly energy flows through Earth’s axis (with the Dragon's head, aka Rahu or North Node, opening the root chakra) and within the Sushumna,  for Rahu’s divine nectar to flow and radiate as a boundless sea of infinite stream of (toroidal) aura and love-light.

While this is the last of four partial solar eclipses of the year, it also coincides with quick-silvered Mercury at station, going retrograde for three weeks. As the ruler of Gemini, Mercury is also a major player in this set of eclipses, as it is the sign in which the upcoming lunar eclipse will take place on the 10th December. Gemini activates the cosmic light of intelligence: The heavens now urge one to release negative associations or distructive thought patterns that block the flow and hinder realising truth.

During this Thanksgiving Thursday/Friday’s solar eclipse, both Mercury, planet of the MIND, and Venus, planet of LOVE, loosely align to the GALACTIC centre, galvanizing a continued shift in the noosphere as well as individual consciousness. A Venus in Sagittarius archer finds support directing cupid's arrow towards the cosmic love vibration. When communicative Mercury is in far-sighted Sagittarius, it broaden's the mind, emboldens the free-spirit, and fuels the independent thinker; retrograding Mercury retraces thoughts and ideas which help to understand the bigger picture, and get a handle on what truth and freedom actually means; as well as pay service to the demanding attention to detail and any philosophical, spiritual and religious ideals, as well as long-distant travel, or law courts, academia, and/or the in-laws.

This is a very purple dorje Jupiterian moment in time (Purple is Jupiter's colour;)). Also active in the Solar eclipse chart is the Grand Earth Trine, to which Sun and Moon are in a challenging quincunx formation to the still retrograde Jupiter (going forward on Boxing day (just as I am with the in-laws!)). Jupiter is also the planet of expansion, and Sagittarian ruler. Though this formation is what my astrology teacher, Howard Sasportas, called 'a push-me-pull-you', something has to give: A quincunx implies we need to adjust. With expansive Jupiter in sensual Taurus, the sign of love and money now creating tension to Sun and Moon, everyone is feeing the stress of material growth. Though all is not currently lost. Because of Jupiter's ruling connection to Sagittarian Sun, coupled with Venus - who rules Taurus - also being in Sagittarius, Sun/Moon, Venus and Jupiter, are all therefore within the helpful framework labeled ‘mutual reception’. So even with the difficult labelling (and distribution of tasks) this transit actually indicates, Venusian compromise is possible; even the dreadfully-behaved financial markets could stretch themselves to maintain good humour when discovering the growth they seek has slow periods. All anyone has to do is to look away from the money markets to see how people can and do THRIVE - even under this trying circumstance, alignment to the universal flow of radiant truth creates peace and love.

Perhaps the most important lesson from the Zodiac’s Guru, Jupiter – who is Lord of this solar eclipse (tropically speaking), is how spiritual healing is, while exigent (as indicated by the T-square to Mars opposition Neptune), well worth the effort exploring. In fact, with the current trine from Sun and Moon to radical Uranus, planet of dramatic change, I suspect there will more than a handful of individuals who now suddenly ‘wake-up’ and smell the divine nectar.  

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