Tuesday, 8 November 2011

11:11:11 Global ONEness _(♥)_ exalted Full Taurus Moon

When illusion is strong and emotions appear heightened ~> All the more reason to remain grounded at peace and centred in presence ♥

Dynamic Mars in dramatic Leo now opposes mystical Neptune in futuristic Aquarius making it easy to get lost in fantasy; but this same alignment is also excellent for meditation and yoga, dance and drum!

Full moon is only days away, waxing into exalted culmination at 18 degrees Taurus, sign of value and worth, on Thursday, 10th November, at 20:16 gmt.

The day before the Full Moon, magical Neptune goes forward after 5 months retrograde on Nov 9th, harnessing our focus upon the sacred and the power of Divine love. Moonbeams continue to radiate upon the 11:11:11 activation of GLOBAL ONE-NESS; and, synchronistically, active Mars moves into healing Virgo until July 2012.

All the while beneficent Jupiter magnifies, with more luck, joy and insight, as Luna grows into fullness _(♥)_

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