Monday, 8 March 2010

♥ Lion Heart Love ~♥~ Mars Direct in Leo ♥ March 2010

International Woman’s Day coincides with Venus, symbol of women and Queen of the Heavens, moving into dynamic, action orientated Aries, to ignite the fire in our soul. Aries is ruled by Mars and, with cosmic synchronicity, the two celestial lovers - Venus & Mars – are currently entwined in a sacred Fire Trine, accenting power, purpose and intuition, bringing a feel-good factor reminiscent of a pre-Xmas party, except the buzz is now fresher and decidedly more animated. It’s as though we have had to exercise patience since last October to fully awaken our heart-fire.

Activating the might and strength of the heart, passionate Mars is about to go forward at 0 degrees Leo, to once again kindle the flames of love that shape, refine, and purify. The normally vivacious Mars in Leo has been retrograde since December, from when it might have seemed as though our call to LOVE was in vain. That is now about to change as Mars is at standstill over the next few days, tuning into our global heartbeat, to be ready with all systems go in the sign of the creative 'King of Fire' on the evening of Wednesday, the 10th March. (FYI When a planet goes into apparent backward motion (retrograde) we re-consider how it functions. As Mars is the planet of action, we have had to re-do whatever the zodiacal sign indicates.)

In Leo, creativity flourishes with love and romance, fun and children. Psychologically Leo represents ego, authority and bravery. In the body it illuminates the heart and sustains the spine. Ruled by the Sun, central life-giving source and star of our solar system, Leo provides spiritual support and heartfelt encouragement. Note Mars will be in a shadow period until May 17th, so many of the issues we have been dealing with about love, relationship, authority, those that concern the heart of matters, should see some kind of resolve. Our currently midnight scarlet sphere provides love’s dynamo, staying in Leo until June 6th. All in all, Mars will have spent an inordinately long time in one sign, eight months in the sign of heartfelt LOVE, instead of the usual six weeks, which is maybe an indication how we all need to work on love and understand how love works, i.e. how to open the heart to a circular motion: the more we are generous with our love and share, the more love there is to share.

These next few days before the Pisces New Moon on the 15th, are important in many ways because we are now at a pause before this new Tiger year really starts. Take this precious moment in time to focus upon what you want to do with the rest of the year. Setting the intention with love in the heart encourages a positive journey and helpful result.

“When you take care of each moment, you take care of all time” Buddha Shakyamuni

There are several mega transits this year, not least the Cardinal Grand Cross, which, according to esoteric astrologer Alice A. Bailey, accents the emergence of the spiritual Sun, with planet Uranus, the harbinger of change, as the agent of the materialisation of Shambhala’s Spiritual Sun. Uranus and Jupiter will come together in the summer in Aries, which is a truly visionary combination. More on this unusual formation later…

Many thanks to all unknown artists for blessing us with such beautiful images.

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