Thursday, 10 November 2011

Full Moon in Taurus ~> 11:11:11

This Full Moon the Soul is stabilised as Spirit soars ♥

Exalted Full 18 degrees Taurus Moon (fyi: Buddha was Taurus) aligning with the Scorpio Samhain Sun tonight @ 20:16gmt ===>>> Insight into values; Shared intimacy with sensuality; Renewal of Love.

Breathe ~> Connect to Mother Earth and all senient beings ♥ Feel the universal flow of love and light open the heart & calm the mind ~> You are now tuning into to Global ONEness ~> 11:11:11 _(♥)_
During the second half of this lunation we commemorate the Buddhist festival when Lord Buddha came down from the realms of the 33 (11:11:11 :)).  
Another nice bit of numerological synchronicity is how,  On 11:11:11 ~> day of Global ONEness, there will be 13 moons until Winter Solstice 2012. Energy IS shifting!

Cool. Thank you, Moon Goddess _(♥)_ :)♥¸.•¨¯`•☆٠.•..•¨*☀☽✩ ☼

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Anonymous said...

keep it going, i really enjoyed your insight