Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mars square Jupiter ~ Oct'11

Fiery Mars in heart-centred Leo creates a tense aspect to the generous and spiritual teacher, Jupiter in earthy Taurus, 3rd-5th Oct. This is an opening but demanding relationship, when the challenge is to stabilise one’s playful passion and creativity - often more easily said than done. The combination of an EQUANIMOUS MIND with RIGHT CONCENTRATION has a greater potential to produce the RIGHT ACTION. :)_/♥\_

DALAI LAMA ON ACTION: "It is not enough to be compassionate; you must act. There are two aspects to action. One is to overcome the distortions and afflictions of your own mind; that is, in terms of calming and eventually dispelling anger. This is action out of compassion. The other is more social, more public."--Dalai Lama

 Image to help us visual thinkers to generate right action is by Venerable Lobsang Tendar, and is of “Manjushri, who is said to have the power of discriminating wisdom. He can discriminate between correct and incorrect views and between beneficial and non-beneficial actions that must be taken on one's spiritual path. He holds a sword that vanquishes ignorance. Manjushri's sword is also considered a sword of quick detachment and a symbol of enlightened will.” 
Manjushri Mantra :  "om a ra pa ca na dhih" _/\_♥ॐ

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