Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Samhain ~11~ Moon Pluto in Capricorn

Halloween blessings to one and all _(♥)_ As nature’s thinning veils between life and death allow one to view the previously hidden with a profound spiritual sensitivity, leading to greater insight and extra-sensory perception, it is at Samhain that a mysterious part of the psyche can shift into visible consciousness, and renew determination to understand deep-rooted influences, discover deceptive secrets, and resolve difficult power issues.

During the Day of the Dead, we magically communicate with loved ones who have passed, and imbibe Spirit of Ancestors. Thus empowered by the strength and beauty of all that has gone before, we can embrace the affairs of the everyday world with the resources to transform selfishness into selflessness and subdue the nature of our base desires.

From the astrological point of view, at ‘All Hallow’s Eve’, the gothic Scorpio Sun marks the sensitive Water element of zodiac's Fixed Cross (exact on the 7th November) symbolic of controlling systems facing points of crisis that, through honed intuition, can relinquish all which no longer serves (collective) liberation.

The Sun is currently sextile the waxing Moon that today conjuncts Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, making this a rather emotionally satisfying Halloween, even if relationships are extra intense with Venus conjunct Mercury at 27Scorpio, the Scorpio Sun is still cojunct Juno, loyal with laser-like feminine intuition - like a witch's black cat ;)

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