Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Diwali Scorpio New Moon ~ October'11

Hindu Diwali LIGHT festivities begin tonight, with a shimer of candlelight and a twinkle of devotion during the darkest hours of the old Moon, before the 3degrees Scorpio new SuperMoon on Wednesday, 26th, at 19:54UT.

Scorpio is a sign of transformation, regenerating Spirit through the ability to delve into previously hidden places, ideas, or thoughts. With laser-like perception Scorpio cuts to the quick and swiftly releases the outmoded or outworn so that one is literally reborn and renewed. To aid the metamorphosis, the Scorpio Halloween lunation draws back the veil of illusion to begin the lunar cycle with Sun and Moon in very good relation to the celestial shaman, Chiron, the sensitive healer who continues to travel hand-in-hand with magical mystical Neptune. Now is the time to hone into the wounded part of self (physical, intellectual or spiritual) and, through a ritual connection to the natural world, retrieve the darkest parts of the wounded soul and breathe into it the new light of life _(♥)_


On Friday the 28th, we also have the second phase of the on-going Jupiter-Pluto trine, a helpful aspect which began in the summer and will end as spring begins, in March. This represents a long-term renewal of values, and all we cherish_(♥)_

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