Wednesday, 5 October 2011

1st Quarter Medicine Buddha Moon ~> Libra Sun ☼☀☽ Capricorn Moon Oct'11

_(♥)_ Of all the years' first-quarter healing Moon lunations, which create some kind of crisis in action, the Libra-Capricorn combination is mega: Ambitions are high, as is the urge to drive ever-so-sweetly an objective into becoming reality: For this coming week presents an excellent opportunity to harness the healing energy of the cosmos and see results.

With the Sun - plus FOUR other heavenly bodies: Mercury, Venus, Juno & Saturn, now passing through Libra, the rational sign of the scales, taking personal responsibility whilst treading the middle dharma path is our biggest trial; by all planetary indications, this is also a beautiful passage - even if it is a bit hard on the emotions to find the peace or fairness we seek.

Staying calm with focused breathing helps let go of becoming attached to any current drama, and rest in the natural equanimity that helps one to build bridges, mend fences, and find the common point of contact when dealing with others. Enthusiasm is required to maintain balance and stability, as most decision-making is currently weighed up an down by almost ponderous long-term goals looking for the quick-fix. Yet the Libra conjunction of Saturn and Venus, exalted and at home respectively, mean relations and projects estabished and sealed around this time have a greater chance of having a lasting effect and generating positive karma.

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