Sunday, 9 February 2014

♒ ☼ △ ♊ ☾ Sun in Aquarius - Moon in Gemini Feb 9th

The most promising aspect in astrology is the ‘trine’, as 120 degrees between heavenly bodies brings out cosmic gifts and talents. When this aspect takes place between the Sun and Moon before Full Moon it highlights the male, yang attributes; thus Tibetans assign this to the most precious Guru (within), Guru Rinpoche – honouring that which seeks rational clarity and wisdom and the ultimate realisation of the ‘Rainbow Body’.

Today we not only see this beautiful aspect activate the blessings of the teacher, as the intellectual and altruistic Aquarian Sun harmonises with the quick-thinking and versatile Moon in Gemini (made all the more astute as Mercury, Gemini’s ruler is retrograde); but the two ‘Lights’ are also connecting the Mars in Libra forming a ‘Grand Air Trine’. Air encourages an interchange of ideas and enjoys companionship. The position of Mars in this Grand Trine kindles an awareness of the lunar eclipse April 15, and is ripe for the Spiritual Warrior to harness the loving qualities of a balanced heart-mind to interact in a positive manner in all relations, in friendship, and in love.

__/\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶
“Ultimately, the real guru is inside ourselves: We are our own guru, we are by ourselves. So it’s up to us to walk the path, always. We are born by ourselves in this body, and we will die by ourselves. There will be nobody who will take care of us afterwards in the sense like holding our hands and carrying us. We have to walk the path by ourselves.”

– Tenzin Ösel Hita, from “Teachings from the 45th Kopan Course,” given in 2012 at Kopan Monastery, Nepal

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